The Right Time To Advertise

“How to Turn Around a Business in Trouble”  was today’s topic at the North Shore Business Forum in Danvers, MA.  Since I serve on the Board of Directors for this networking group, I try to attend each Friday and I enjoy listening to the various guest speakers that share their knowledge with the business group.  Today’s speaker had 6 tips to helping to “turn-around” a business and  among the top 6  he shared was a key message that I continue to share and why I started Purple Diamond….ADVERTISE! You need to promote and market your business always, but when your numbers are down and the economy is slow, it is essential for you to market and promote that business with advertising more than you have ever done before! Yes, this is scary to spend a larger part of your budget on advertising and marketing efforts, but how else do you keep in front of your market, achieve the sales you need and remind the world that you are still in business?

The right time to advertise is not when you are closing the doors to the store you have loved and owned for 25+ years, but this can also be a key time for running an advertising campaign.  No, if you want to stay in business and come out of this slow period as a strong leader in your industry you need to call an advertising agency TODAY!  There isn’t a miracle with any form of marketing or advertising even though many reps would like to tell you that their product will get you instant results, but if you continue to stick your head in the sand and take no action at all you can be sure that it won’t be long before your business becomes part of the growing statistics of fall-out from today’s economy.  You need to be visible and maintain a marketing presence and get in front of your prospects.  Don’t discard traditional forms of advertising like TV, radio, billboards, etc and think that you can substitute these for social media marketing.  The truth is you need to do both traditional and non-traditional and do them aggressively.

If you need help with your advertising and marketing please call!  Though I love writing this marketing blog and giving marketing tips and ideas, your business deserves immediate attention and a plan to take action. If you are on the fence about what really works and if TV or radio in your area is affordable and effective or if buying Google Ad Words or ads on Facebook equals sales for your business, call! Don’t get caught as one of those businesses that the first call they make for advertising help is  to promote a “going out of business sale”.

All my best to your success! ~ Charlene

“Success wears The Purple Diamond!”