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Marketing On-Line with Video

For years I wrote and helped produce TV commercial campaigns and enjoyed the success that my clients got from using video for advertising that offered sight, sound and motion.  TV advertising offers an emotional impact for the viewer that radio and print advertising is not able to match.  Today, with the help of sites like… Read more »

The Right Time To Advertise

“How to Turn Around a Business in Trouble”  was today’s topic at the North Shore Business Forum in Danvers, MA.  Since I serve on the Board of Directors for this networking group, I try to attend each Friday and I enjoy listening to the various guest speakers that share their knowledge with the business group. … Read more »

Again and Again and Again

With a flood of information coming to people daily via texting and tweeting, email marketing, posts from social networking sites and specific on-line groups, print ads and flyers,  radio spots, TV commercials, etc….the need for you to repeat your message again and again and again is more important than ever before in business! Even a… Read more »

TV and Radio Commercials Still Work!

The past couple of months I have been handling the advertising and promotions of an event that is taking place today and tomorrow and because the client has run this event in the past he has an excellent system set-up with his website registration for finding out where people heard about the event.  This is… Read more »


The last 50 years TV advertising has had some significant changes. Fifty years ago, you would find entire TV shows that were sponsored by one company like Phillip Morris or Firestone. This was a branding form of advertising that helped keep the name recognition there. Then in the 1960’s and 70’s there was a shift… Read more »


For years I have enjoyed working with local businesses and helping them to advertise their business with a 30 second TV commercial that airs on many of the top networks. TV advertising is both effective and still an affordable way to reach your target market in an exciting and fun way. Everyone loves to see… Read more »