Again and Again and Again

With a flood of information coming to people daily via texting and tweeting, email marketing, posts from social networking sites and specific on-line groups, print ads and flyers,  radio spots, TV commercials, etc….the need for you to repeat your message again and again and again is more important than ever before in business! Even a mailed wedding invitation, as I found out recently when planning my daughter’s wedding, does not get the same attention it did in years past because our life has gone from highway speeds of 55mph to speeds that are dangerously reckless and cluttered with drivers who are busy texting while racing to and from life.  And, whether we agree or not with this new communication  lifestyle that is very cluttered, it doesn’t really matter, you still need to promote your business marketing message in a way that will be heard and produce positive results!

“Repetition is key!”, this is a well-known phrase that anyone in advertising will share.  Whether you are doing TV commercials or radio spots or any traditional form of advertising, the schedule’s effectiveness depends upon the message standing out and the frequency of it being heard or seen. It used to be standard that it took 3-5 times for a person to see a TV commercial before they recognized that they saw the spot…..that was when life was simpler and a person wasn’t multi-tasking while watching TV.  Today we are on Facebook, tweeting on our cell phones and reading emails all while watching our favorite TV shows so if you are using any of these ways to reach your potential market you need to understand that one message just won’t be heard.  Don’t think because you posted one announcement on your Linkedin page, created an event page on Facebook  or spread the word on Twitter that everyone knows about a business event you are hosting on a certain day.  You need to post the message many times in the weeks to come on many different social networking sites, hand out numerous flyers, email more than once about it, and if your budget allows it needs to be promoted on radio, TV and print!  Send that message “again and again and again” because repetition and a creative message is the only way to cut through the noise and flood of information that each person has in their life today.  Being nice and not wanting to bombard people with your message leads to poor sales or an event that is not well attended.  Leave the politeness to your competitor because the businesses that are succeeding get their message out by sending it over and over again.  Think of the TV commercials that you say you are sick of seeing….these are the businesses that are getting top sales.  You cannot afford to be shy in business.  If you have an important message you need to be ready to do all that it takes to be heard.  Use everything you can to reach potential clients on-line and in person and be sure to reach them more than once.  And, if you still have not jumped in to using the internet effectively to help promote your business be sure to contact a marketing coach who can teach you how to be successful on-line.

All my best to your success!


“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”