Marketing Review -3 Hour Transformation

Be evaluated and advised by a marketing consultant / coach in three hours. We will assess your activities and how they are helping you achieve your goals. In this time, we will cover:

  • Brand Identity– Who are you? Who are you striving to be?
  • Elevator Pitch– A brief summary of your entire business.
  • SWOT Analysis– Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Social Media Review– What you are doing currently in terms of social media and what to improve on.
  • Goals– Set new specific goals tailored to fit your business and explore how to measure success.

This three hour transformation is offered at a one-time fee of $425.00. Contact Purple Diamond at 508-596-7434 to schedule your 3 Hour Marketing Bootcamp.

Charlene St. Jean,
Marketing Consultant & Coach