Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone in Business

Purple Diamond Marketing on The Matt Ligor Show.


A few weeks back I was featured on a local TV Show called The Matt Ligor Show which airs on North Reading, Reading, Wilmington and Bedford cable access, and Xfinity broadcasts, but you can view it directly on YouTube at . Though I have been hired many times as a motivational speaker and marketing specialist with my company Purple Diamond, I discovered that doing a 30 minute TV show about me and my business was not exactly easy to do. I couldn’t really prepare for the questions or what I would say which has always made my public speaking events easier for me to do. Like many women of my generation, I was taught to not be boastful or to talk about myself, but to focus on others and their success. So, when I was asked by Matt Ligor to come on his show and talk about my company and the success I have had as a marketing coach, I wanted to say “no”.

“No” is easy and you can always pretend no one asked anything of you, but you never grow from playing it small. So, I enthusiastically said “YES”, and then went back to my office and worried about how well I would do and I started to hear my inner critic say, “what if they don’t like you or you sound silly?” Fear can truly ruin a business and actually make you physically sick. I didn’t sleep well for the entire week leading up to the show and I had a constant headache. My body was trying to sink my opportunities to help my business with the extra exposure that would come from this TV Show. Retail therapy is something I learned early on helps when I am scared. I went shopping and found an outfit I felt good wearing and in my new suit I found some courage to help me face my fear and move beyond my comfort zone to be on The Matt Ligor Show and help out my company Purple Diamond .

The 30 minutes flew by fast and I found real joy in knowing I had done something I really was afraid to do, but was proud of myself for not saying “No”. Right after the show, I carried that energy and confidence forward and signed a few new businesses for my marketing coaching services that same week. By doing something new, I had opened myself to new possibilities and I recognized that the confidence and energy I gained from the experience made me a better coach. How can you ask your clients to try new things that they are afraid to do if you don’t understand the fear?! So if you are reading this and you are relating to the fear of being on a TV Show or speaking in public, I hope you will honor yourself by doing it anyways. Move beyond your comfort zone to create a powerful future and if you could use a Marketing Coach please connect with me!