Why Hire Purple Diamond as your Marketing Coach,  Advertising Agency or Social Media Marketing Strategist?  Charlene St. Jean gets results!

“We hired Charlene St Jean of Purple Diamond February 2017 to do an overall marketing analysis of our restaurant and to give us suggestions of where we could improve. We liked what she had to say and signed up for her monthly consulting services and expanded to having her manage our Social Media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in 2018. She gave us the consistency that we were missing and instantly improved our stats and profits. We have had her meet our staff and give them an overall Social Media Training Session and we continue to enjoy working with her every month. She is knowledgeable, hardworking, fairly priced, and always gives extra value. She truly cares about our restaurant and has helped us to successfully launch new products and to promote our 25th anniversary. We highly recommend her services.”

Christopher Pescione, Capone’s Restaurant and Lounge, Peabody, MA.

“We have known and worked with Charlene (Purple Diamond) for the past 10 years. She is always willing to jump in and help us with marketing with a positive attitude and upbeat manner. She is very knowledgeable on social media and has helped us learn how to navigate and work our social media accounts so we can run them ourselves. A pleasure to work with. 5 Star Rating!”

Chris Zorzy, owner,  A&A Services and Home Improvement, Salem, MA.

“Purple Diamond Marketing does an amazing job of managing all of Hamilton Bookkeeping’s social media. Her posts are always extremely popular and shared online quite often. Multiple times per week Charlene writes blogs, designs and posts QuickBooks QuickTips on our Facebook page, and manages our Linkedin and Twitter business page. As a busy business owner I cannot thank her enough for taking this off my plate! She is better, faster, and more diligent than I could ever be. Do yourself a huge favor and hire Purple Diamond Marketing today, your business will thank you.”

Liz Silva, owner Hamilton Bookkeeping, Beverly, MA.

“Charlene has a great mind for business and was very helpful to me and my company by assisting us with our marketing strategies. She was always very organized, detailed, and thorough and I have no reservations about recommending her marketing coaching services. She is a great entrepreneur!”

Peter LeBel, Senior Account Executive, Calendar Press, Inc., Peabody, MA.

“We have worked with Charlene since 2013 and during those years, and under her direction and tutelage our company has shown steady growth in outreach and sales.  As a relatively small family business, we don’t have the in-house staff to manage all the necessary marketing initiatives so vital in keeping our business moving forward.  Hence outsourcing this work is essential for us, and Charlene is the perfect fit.  For a modest monthly investment we get to avail ourselves of guidance from a true marketing guru.Being very knowledgeable in the mediums of internet and social media, our “Marketing Coach” has adroitly navigated our company to an increased presence on social media sites…and now we come up FIRST in internet searches.  People are always telling us we are “all over the internet”…the very position we want to be in! For years we tried all sorts of advertising with only marginal success, but now through the internet – with Charlene’s help, our sales have taken off.  She answers our questions, helps us with research, gives us advice on crafting releases, and keeps us on the right track.  Indeed, along with her always – positive energy and enthusiasm a regular monthly visit by “The Coach” is always a welcomed event.Charlene has taken the time to learn about our specific industry and has helped us with target markets and goals we should be setting.  And, being well connected with a plethora of companies and industries she is very suited to offer such advice. Through her contacts in the business community Charlene knows how others have found success.  She has taken the time to research and understand our specific industry and how our challenges relate and have been met by others.  Her natural instincts have guided us in “target marketing” and in setting realistic goals.  Charlene has taught us well…and we have all learned well. In short, Charlene St. Jean is a unique, elite talent, and we have had the good fortune to work with her.  Indeed, all of us at Olde New England Granite are grateful to her and Purple Diamond for the significant contribution to our success.  Charlene gets our highest recommendation.”

Wesley Reed,  President/CEO of The Reed Corporation/Olde New England Granite, Wakefield, MA.

“Charlene is truly the most enthusiastic Marketing Coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is very driven and is always willing to help offer her professional advice.”

Barbara Cole, Marketing Customer Relations and Human Resources, Cole Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc., Ipswich, MA.

“Charlene is an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs! Her pleasant personality and professionalism leaves her head and shoulders above the rest.”

Matt Ligor, host of The Matt Ligor Show, North Reading, MA.

“Charlene has been my Marketing Coach since 2012 and she has been instrumental in helping me to grow my business. Her social media savvy, her deep marketing experience, her ability to help you create and accomplish goals along with her upbeat personality help to make Purple Diamond the ideal marketing partner for small business owners. I’m so grateful she was referred to me and I in turn have confidently referred Charlene to other business owners I know. See for yourself…..get Purple Diamond on your team and you’ll see the difference in your business.”

Eileen Reed, owner, Simplify with Eileen, Lynnfield, MA. 

“Our marketing and social media marketing program is clicking beautifully on all cylinders, thanks largely to Charlene, who is a pleasure to work with, and a straight-shooter to boot.  It is my pleasure to give her a top recommendation.”

Robert I. Lappin, President, Shetland Properties, Inc., Salem, MA.

“Ernie and I thank you for helping us get started with LinkedIn and Facebook and being so patient in explaining the personal and business side of each. Your knowledge is great, and add to it your personal interest and caring is what makes it so great to work with you. We look forward to work with you in the future.”

Marianne Wronka, Wronka Ltd. Commercial Real Estate Advisors, Burlington, MA.

“Charlene is the consummate professional. She is organized, punctual, follows through in a timely manner and truly cares about her clients.”

Karen Kallie, RN, MACP, Co-Founder Living Energy Works LLC and Private Counseling Practice, Milford, NH.

“Being a business owner I know the importance of a good Marketing Strategy. Charlene St. Jean and Purple Diamond have been instrumental in implementing a solid marketing strategy that has resulted increase recognition and revenue for my business. Professional, friendly, efficient only begin to describe Purple Diamond Marketing. I would highly recommend Charlene and Purple Diamond for your business.”

Elizabeth Sacco, owner, Diabetic Dabs™, Peabody, MA. 

“Charlene is a go getter who gets the job done and provides innovative avenues of success that I don’t think many people would even consider on their own.”

Erick Hahn, Shetland Properties,Inc., Salem, MA.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Charlene for 18 months. She is one of the best business investments I have ever made. Her marketing expertise, contacts and her listening skills put her well ahead of her competition. Charlene has been very helpful with recommendations and strategies for my practice that have produced results. Work with Charlene, you won’t regret it. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.”

Al Temkin, owner Temkin Financial Group, Danvers, MA.

“Charlene under promised and over delivered. As an entrepreneur I value the importance of social media as part of any good business strategy. I am pretty confident with how to build credibility, connections and relationships via Facebook. I did not want to make any mistakes on the LinkedIn social media platform so I was pretty reserved on the site. Most certainly, I was missing opportunities to connect with like minded business owners on LinkedIn. With Charlene’s coaching specifically tailored to my goals she assisted me to achieve the same confidence I have on Facebook. She was very generous with helpful tips all organized in an easy to understand and easy to apply manual. Step by step she walked me through some of the tools of LinkedIn, as well. To top it all off she showed up with a small gift box of Caramels de Bouchard and the book “The Fred Factor”: How passion in your work and life can turn ordinary into the extraordinary. Charlene lives from a place of passion for her work but most importantly for helping her clients get results. It doesn’t get better than that now does it.”

Debra Crosby owner of Conquest Creative Media & Present to Prosper, Salem, MA.

“Over the past few years, the ups and downs have taken a toll in the printing industry.   I was reluctant at first to call in Charlene to help coach us  but it wasn’t long before I realized that I had made the right decision.  She has helped us tremendously during this past year with fresh ideas. She is easy to work with and very professional.”

Cathy Trainor, President, Calendar Press, Peabody, MA.

“It is a pleasure to work with Charlene. She developed our television campaign for Best Home Care and the results were exceptional. She taught us about social media and made great improvements to our on line presence. Whenever I’ve needed her expertise Charlene has been there.”

Martha Hamm, President Best Home Care, Wakefield & Middleton,MA.

“Hiring Charlene to be our marketing coach has had a dramatic impact on our business. She doubled our sales within a few months something I had been working on for years. She is inexpensive, personable, fun to work with and very productive. At Small Business Computing we give Purple Diamond our highest recommendation. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value” 

Mark Beckley, Small Business Computing, Reading, MA.

“Charlene is exceptional at helping one of my businesses in the area of marketing, and especially at enlightening me in the area of social media marketing. I never had a need for this until becoming a partner in a business where it was essential in expanding our customer base and providing an experience to our existing clients that is not only necessary today, but expected of any such business. Charlene is very motivated and did an excellent job as our marketing consultant and our marketing coach, teaching me and assisting me through the process.  I would highly recommend Charlene to any business. Her contribution was invaluable to me.”

Bob Gancarz, Independent Software Engineer and partner at Show Baseball & Softball Academy, Lawrence, MA.

“All I can say is Charlene ROCKS! She knows how to make it happen for your business.”

Alyse Barbash, Executive Director at Haven From Hunger, Peabody, MA.

“It is always a pleasure to work with Charlene! She brings expertise, strong project management skills, and creativity to the table when it comes to supporting business development. Charlene was the go to person when the Beverly Chamber of Commerce transformed into the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce. Her knowledge of social media, branding, website design, marketing and advertising allowed our Chamber to grow more effectively. I recommend her without hesitation and plan to use her skills and knowledge in future business opportunities.”

John Somes, Executive Director Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce, Beverly, MA.

“Charlene, has always crossed her “t’s an dotted her “i”s before I could think to finish a paragraph. She is one the most efficient an up lifting people I have ever worked with. I gain a wealth of knowledge in her presence. Her Umbrella is wide and the service you receive is exceptional.”

Cindy Modugno, Manager at Clint Sales, Beverly, MA.

“I have had the sincere pleasure to know and work with Charlene as members of the Board of Directors for the Beverly Chamber of Commerce. Charlene is a sophisticated, intelligent, forward-thinking businesswoman who will go the extra mile for her community and her clients. Her collaborative approach to business and the ability to recognize opportunity is much appreciated and valued. I would highly recommend Charlene to oversee your business’ social media advertising and/or marketing needs.”

Gerald MacKillop, Jr. M.B.A., Public Relations Manager, Lahey Health Systems, Beverly, MA.

“Charlene worked with us to create a very effective short video that we have on our website. Her expertise allowed us to streamline the information resulting in a more clear and concise message. The finished product was a polished, professional video that emphasizes the unique strengths of our firm. It was a pleasure working with her on this project.”

Helene Spoto, Manager of Sentry Financial Planning, LLC, North Andover, MA.

“When searching for a firm to handle the Social Media component of our Marketing plan, Purple Diamond glistened due to Charlene’s knowledge and tenacity to accomplish the tasks at hand. Professional, persistent, knowledgeable and just down to the bone nice, Charlene has enlightened our team to what matters on the cutting edge of Social Media. I recommend Charlene and her team to any company who wants it done correctly and on time! Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity.”

Donn Ingemie, ChamberMail Marketing Services, Danvers, MA.

“R&L has used Purple Diamond for their Marketing and has been impressed with the quality services that Charlene has provided and her extensive knowledge of Social Media.If you want to achieve Marketing success call Charlene- a true professional.”

Fran Dichner, president / CEO R&L Associates Inc., Beverly, MA.

“Charlene cares about her clients and helping them to succeed in business.”

Steve Leary, owner of Thomas Ford, Beverly, MA.

“Charlene St. Jean is wonderful! I have worked with her just a few times with my wellness center expansion. Her insight and knowledge of the social media, website, content, and community involvement put me back on track and has helped me grow my business exponentially. I highly recommend Charlene, Purple Diamond Marketing, if you are just starting out, expanding or have been in business for quite some time but don’t have the time or energy to put into social media yourself.“

Melissa McLaughlin, owner New Horizon Wellness Center, LLC, Beverly, MA.

“As a small business owner, I know that marketing is critical to the success or failure of my business. I also have quickly realized that I can’t do everything and needed to enlist the help of an expert marketing coach. I signed on with Purple Diamond two months ago and have been nothing but thrilled with the entire experience. Charlene is easy to work with, goes above and beyond and gives me simple, effective strategies to help tighten up my existing marketing plan, as well as expand and improve it moving forward. After just one session with Charlene, I was able to go out and sign up 3 new clients that same week. Her advice is excellent and effective! I highly recommend her and can honestly say that it is money well spent. Great ROI!Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value.”

Roxanne McGrath, owner McGrath Wellness, Essex, MA.

“Charlene of Purple Diamond LLC was very helpful in understanding why and how to use social media for small businesses. I would use her services again and would recommend her company to any size businesses who need or want to grow their companies with social media marketing as part of their campaign. Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative ”

Marisa L. Cole, CTC, owner Sensational Travel, Salem, MA.

“After attending a number of networking events I noticed the name of Charlene St. Jean of Purple Diamond kept coming up. Now I know why! I have worked with Charlene since January as my Advertising and Marketing Coach; she is a very positive person who doesn’t consider this as just a job she personally wants to see you succeed. Charlene has gone above and beyond in assisting me with my company needs. She really understands how you feel and the emotions of starting up a new business. Before each meeting she researches and pulls together statistical information on how your company did the past month and actively provides you with assistance on how to set your goals for the following month. Her passion and warmth shows in the way that she works with you. Ask her any questions and she will answer them, if you need to understand a process she will guide you through it until it makes sense. Because of her background she has made significant suggestions that have helped my company move forward while saving me money. With her years of advertising experience she has creatively assisted me with my logo, tag line, flyers and website. If you want to work with someone who wants you to succeed then you need Purple Diamond.”  Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time.

Pauline Vitagliano, owner Whenever Wigs, Peabody, MA.

“I worked with Charlene on social media marketing, and this was one of the most productive training sessions I have ever had. She is patient and articulate and utilized a hands-on approach to focus on the most efficient use of our time. As a former teacher, I appreciate her depth of knowledge and her ability to communicate clearly in a relaxed, cooperative atmosphere. Thank you, Charlene!”

Katherine Finch, REALTOR at Windhill Realty, Ipswich, MA. 

“Charlene is an excellent marketing resource for us. Charlene has taken time to learn about our business and how to best help us. She is especially knowledgeable about social media and how to use it to help our business grow. Charlene is easy to work with and has become a good friend. We will continue to use her services. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.”

Curtis Vouwie, Owner of East Wind Tea Company, Beverly Farms, MA. 

“Charlene has helped me fine-tune my marketing efforts, from advertising and personal promotion to ideas for my website and blog. She knows and is involved in the local community I am trying to reach and gets good results at a surprisingly affordable rate. I recommend her. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.”

Tina McManus, Realtor at RE/MAX Advantage Real Estate, Beverly, MA.

“Charlene has been working with us to help us with our marketing strategies. She becomes more valuable as time goes by, especially as a business coach. Every time we meet with her she has fresh, new ideas on directions to pursue to grow our business. We rely on her opinions and strategies and we are definitely starting to see results! And with weekly reminders she keeps us on track with our goals. Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative.”

Kim Stone, Stone Digital Productions, Beverly, MA.

“Charlene has been a great source for advertising and media buying, Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.”

Liz Jutras, Appliance Warehouse, Seabrook, NH.

“Charlene is an accomplished advertising professional who knows how to get the job done, and done right! Her enthusiasm combined with her knowledge and industry best practices makes her a valuable asset to any company’s advertising efforts. She has an extremely strong work ethic, and enjoys working with clients to make sure their demands are met. Charlene is highly recommended.”

Andrew Lutts, owner Net Atlantic, Salem, MA.

“Charlene’s years of experience in sales and marketing, combined with her knowledge of technology, and innovative ideas are adding new dimensions to my marketing strategy. She really listens to her clients and presents options for them to choose from. I highly recommend Charlene. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value”

Nancy Black, owner Organization Plus, Beverly, MA.   

“What’s great about Charlene is that you ask her to do something once-and it’s done!  She is also a great resource!”

Stephanie Vanderbilt, Owner, Coastal Windows & Exteriors, Beverly, MA.

“I highly recommend Charlene St. Jean! Her suggestions and expertise brought immediate results. I signed up two new clients after my first meeting with her and her continual feedback and encouragement is wonderful. If you want great service, an excellent value and a nice person to do business with, choose Charlene. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value”

Fay Salt, Realtor at Coldwell Banker, Beverly, MA.

“Charlene provides excellent, solid advice both for sales and marketing needs. She is a terrific, caring listener, and is altruistic in her desire to assist. My sales have increased across the board since meeting Charlene and accepting her plethora of suggestions. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity”

Jackie Moldau, owner Jackie’s Tees, Beverly, MA.

“Charlene has always been committed to my store’s success and takes the time to understand my business.”

Lee McMath, owner DeLande Lighting, Salem, MA. 

“In Webster’s dictionary under Customer Service you will see Charlene’s’ photo. I worked closely with Charlene for a number of years. During that time I discovered a number of things. She is an extraordinary sales person. She has a keen sense and ability to transition seamlessly between strategic and tactical sales. Great sales people like Charlene are self-driven. She works not only very, very hard but smart as well. She always outperformed her goals, was never satisfied with excellence and somehow made it seem easy. She sold a discretionary product in a down environment during challenging times, and thrived. What more need I say. Charlene has a winning and “never say die” attitude. It was no surprise that her clients loved her. She collaborated well internally and externally to create win-win business relations that were enduring and long term”

Michael O’BrienAdelphia Media Services, Vice President of Sales (former colleague), currently at RCN, Boston, MA.

“Market Knowledge, Product Knowledge, Customer Knowledge, Common Sense. Charlene offers you all of this with a proven track record on the North Shore. My choice when I need a hand!!” 

Curtis E. Wollitz, RTN Federal Credit Union, Manager Branch Network North, former CFO of Amesbury Sports Park, Amesbury, president Amesbury Chamber of Commerce.

“I have the utmost confidence in Charlene’s marketing abilities. She is a wealth of marketing knowledge, especially in the North Shore market. She was very successful in negotiating cable and radio advertising contracts for me to ensure the company I was working for received the best value possible. I recommend her highly to anyone looking for creative and affordable marketing options for their business. Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative.”

Jane Ash , Operations Manager at Siemasko + Verbridge, Beverly, MA.

“I appreciate that Charlene took the time to get to know me and my company.  She has excellent follow through and maintains a relationship even after the ad campaign is over.”

Langdon Laws, owner of Carter’s Fine Jewelry, Danvers, MA.

“I worked with Charlene at Adelphia Media Services / Comcast Spotlight and found her managerial and technical expertise to be of the highest caliber. As a senior account executive she displayed, and put into action, the best aspects of team playing and leadership. If anyone can be said to “walk the walk ” it’s Charlene. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Tracey GosselinSenior Account Executive, Adelphia Media Services / Comcast Spotlight, Manchester, NH.

“Charlene is an exceptional sales person. What makes her successful is the relationship she cares to build with her clients. Charlene truly wants her clients to succeed and therefore works to provide the best solution possible. She is out-going and certainly a top performer.”

Mariflor Maulit-UvaVice President, Finance & Administration, Net Atlantic, Salem, MA.

I’ve known and worked with Charlene for over 10 years now. She is a true professional who knows her facts and figures very well. Honest, personable and straight to the point – she will do a great job for your business!”

Jim Capillo, owner CW Television Productions, Beverly, MA.  

“I worked with Charlene on several different occasions and enjoyed a great relationship. Charlene has developed an incredible working knowledge of all types of media and creative skills leave nothing to be desired. She is a dedicated professional who gets results for her clients and does it with a warm and friendly manner. If you are looking for someone who will help guide your business image in the right direction, Charlene would be a wise choice. Let Charlene put her years of experience to work for you and enjoy the results she will bring to your company or business.”

Jim Latimer, former Senior Account Executive at Comcast Spotlight & current owner of Advance Media Associates LLC, Hampton, NH.