For years I have enjoyed working with local businesses and helping them to advertise their business with a 30 second TV commercial that airs on many of the top networks. TV advertising is both effective and still an affordable way to reach your target market in an exciting and fun way. Everyone loves to see their spot air during their favorite TV show, but when customers come in the store saying they saw the owner on TV or a person stops you at the grocery store and asks you if you have ever been on TV, that is when you know that you selected a powerful way to advertise your business.

Tell someone that you are going to be launching a TV advertising campaign and instantly you will have lots of volunteers to be in your spot. Even applicants for voice over talent for the commercial will come flooding in. But I caution my clients that this is not a time to make a home movie, their commercial reflects their business and so you want to have a quality commercial that catches the eye of the audience and will be memorable and lead to more sales. TV offers a message with sight, sound and motion which can give your company the credibility and visibility it needs to gain market share and allow you to show your own business personality. Since most people are relaxed while watching TV, your message has a better chance of reaching the consumer at a time they are the most receptive. And, with the majority of people watching an average of 4 ½ hours of television a day, this media is a perfect place to reach the volume of consumers you need for a successful campaign.

But isn’t TV expensive? With the right media buyer and producer, television can be more affordable than radio, billboards and newspaper and will achieve better results. However, the best advertising campaigns are when you combine TV with other advertising venues like internet, radio, print and billboards. Recently, I had one cable TV client who paid $900 for their production of their 30 second TV commercial and only spent $500 per week to get a total of 50 commercials per week that aired in their target area on a combination of a couple of networks. This averaged $10 per 30 second spot. Unfortunately, most business owners have heard the crazy prices to advertise on TV during the Super Bowl or a major league sporting event so they never contact an advertising agency to ask what it would cost to be on television and learn how affordable it can be.

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