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Holidays Are Coming

October is here and this past weekend I actually began my Christmas holiday shopping for my in-laws who live in Canada.  Why is this part of my Purple Diamond Marketing Blog?  Because being prepared and launching your holiday sales and marketing campaign early will capture the early shoppers and help brand your products as the… Read more »

Do You Believe In Your Own Business?

Today, I attended a business seminar in Salem, MA. that addressed the financial challenges of new businesses and what they needed for a business plan to receive funding from a bank or other financial source.  In the audience there were mostly people looking to start new businesses that had never owned a business before and… Read more »

The Right Time To Advertise

“How to Turn Around a Business in Trouble”  was today’s topic at the North Shore Business Forum in Danvers, MA.  Since I serve on the Board of Directors for this networking group, I try to attend each Friday and I enjoy listening to the various guest speakers that share their knowledge with the business group. … Read more »


How do you decide where you should advertise your business each year?  For some businesses they are working off an old media plan or schedule  that was created over 5 years ago and because of the slow economy they have reduced their advertising budgets which has left their strategy outdated and no longer useful.  If… Read more »


When I first got in to selling TV advertising campaigns I was surprised at how many business owners would want to buy the TV networks that they enjoyed watching without much thought of who their target market was and if the network they liked appealed to who they needed to reach.  Emotions verses logic is… Read more »


November and December are two big months for advertising because of the holiday sales, but they are also important months for businesses to talk advertising strategy for the New Year. How many times have you had a media sales rep contact you about placing an ad in the paper or on radio and they tell… Read more »