Holidays Are Coming

October is here and this past weekend I actually began my Christmas holiday shopping for my in-laws who live in Canada.  Why is this part of my Purple Diamond Marketing Blog?  Because being prepared and launching your holiday sales and marketing campaign early will capture the early shoppers and help brand your products as the holiday solution that potential shoppers are looking for.  This does not mean you need to start playing holiday music in your store or change your entire website to festive holiday colors and graphics, but a business that has products or services to offer that are perfect for gift giving should be including a message about holiday gift buying and specials that are perfect for corporate gifts on their website, email newsletters and strategically placed throughout your retail store or business. In addition, be sure to have your sales staff be proactive in contacting your top clients to give special incentives to have them shop with your company.  End of the year sales are essential to the success and growth of your business.  Do not wait to see if people will choose to shop with your business over contacting them via the phone or with a direct mail piece or an aggressive advertising campaign.  This is the time to ask your marketing staff or advertising agency for creative ideas to help sell more products during the holiday season.

How about businesses that do not have products or services that could be used as holiday gifts?  Can these businesses ignore the 4th quarter for sales?  Of course not….if your business does not  sell a product or service that can be sold to the holiday consumer market then your efforts to close business must be increased 100% to be heard over the noise of the holiday season.  If you sell computer services, financial services, personnel services, legal services, medical services or even products that just don’t often sell during the next 3 months, then I suggest you create incentives for businesses or consumers to do business with you now.  You might wish to offer an added bonus or a discount during this time or an extended warranty. The key is to get businesses or consumers to see the merit in hiring your company now.

Finally, be sure to use the next 3 months to connect with your key accounts. The new year is often a time when businesses reflect on what is working and what needs to be changed.  In years where the economy is sluggish or sales are not as strong as in past years, business owners are quick to make changes of vendors and alter the way they do business.  Do not hesitate to connect with your clients face-to-face and do your own review with them about your service.  Often even a client who was thinking of dropping your service could be saved with the face-to-face meeting that allows them the opportunity to be heard and positive changes made to improve your offerings.

Yes, the holidays are coming and the end of 2010 is less than 90 days away. Are you ready? If you need help please consider calling Purple Diamond!

All my best to your success! ~ Charlene

“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”