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Telemarketing Sales Success

For a great many companies out there, an important element of business success is rooted in the outcome of a series of phone calls. Whether you are planning to call out or you are the one being called, the ability to do this can shape the future of your business. There is very little about… Read more »

How to Convert Internet Leads to Sales

Your company has embraced social media marketing and you now have leads coming in from your efforts and from your website, but you are not making sales….why? Most likely it is because you haven’t developed a process for handling the leads.  Businesses continue to struggle with how to convert internet leads and what is the… Read more »

Holidays Are Coming

October is here and this past weekend I actually began my Christmas holiday shopping for my in-laws who live in Canada.  Why is this part of my Purple Diamond Marketing Blog?  Because being prepared and launching your holiday sales and marketing campaign early will capture the early shoppers and help brand your products as the… Read more »

Increase Sales During Slow Summer Months

As we approach the Memorial Holiday Weekend and the official start of summer many businesses know that this is a time in which their own business slows down because of their clients, colleagues and staff have vacations.  So, what do you do during the slower days of summer which can help to increase sales for… Read more »


Targeting your market is simply defining who your primary customer will be. The market should be measurable, sufficiently large and reachable! LET GO OF YOUR FEAR! Target marketing cannot work and offer the sales results you need until you let go of your fear.  “EVERYONE” is not a target market. The fear factor is one… Read more »


When was the last time you walked in to a gift shop or jewelry store and there were no price tags on any of the items?  Did you ask the store clerk for help or did you make the assumption that if you had to ask the price you just might not be able to… Read more »


Negative advertising or selling your products or services by putting the competition down is one marketing strategy that has been used successfully by political candidates and by some of the larger companies like Apple and Microsoft. Though this technique has certainly received attention in the political arena and on some TV commercials, is it the… Read more »