How to Convert Internet Leads to Sales

Your company has embraced social media marketing and you now have leads coming in from your efforts and from your website, but you are not making sales….why? Most likely it is because you haven’t developed a process for handling the leads.  Businesses continue to struggle with how to convert internet leads and what is the “correct” way of approaching the contacts you have on social media sites because they fear the backlash of coming across as “too sales focused” and not “social” enough.  But, this has also kept them from doing what they have done naturally for years with leads that they have cultivated from networking events and referrals….RESPOND!

If you want to get sales from your efforts on the internet go back to the basic 4:

1.) Respond QUICKLY to requests for info & make a genuine connection!

2.) Create TIME each day to interact and develop a relationship with the people who follow you on social media or visit your website.

[ Consider adding a “LIVE HELP” feature as part of your website to attract questions from visitors to your site . Also, use the features on the social media sites to email directly to at least 5-10 followers/contacts a day with a personal message thanking them for connecting with you and offer to meet with them one-on-one or promote a phone meeting. It helps to have a message developed by your marketing team that will get attention and a response.]

3.) Develop creative content to post to your on-line sites that will increase your followers so that you are seen as an expert in your field.

[Selling to someone who is already “SOLD” on your expertise and has chosen to “follow” you is almost as great as having a client refer their friend for your services. The key is for you to RESPOND to them in a personal way.]

4.) Ask for the sale!

[Close…close…close…..if you are lacking skills in sales consider working with a coach or hiring a salesman to help your business, but the BEST way to get a sale is to ASK for one!]

All my best to your success ~ Charlene.

“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”