Tag: Advertising in a Recession

OK is Just OK, but Who Wants More?

If you own your own business and your marketing and sales efforts this year are just “OK”, do you want more? Seems like a silly question, but it might be the reason you are not getting the results today that you want for your business.  During tough economic times there is always a large percentage… Read more »

The Right Time To Advertise

“How to Turn Around a Business in Trouble”  was today’s topic at the North Shore Business Forum in Danvers, MA.  Since I serve on the Board of Directors for this networking group, I try to attend each Friday and I enjoy listening to the various guest speakers that share their knowledge with the business group. … Read more »

How Much Should I Spend On Advertising?

How much of my budget should I devote to advertising my business? This is a question I am asked quite often and the answer can vary depending on the business and what their goals are for their marketing and advertising efforts.  However, most of my clients who have been successful in business have stuck with… Read more »

When Your Business Takes A Turn

The past few months I have noticed a shift in the business opportunities that are coming my way.  Calls from business owners who are asking for help with advertising and they are ready to devote a significant portion of their budget to promote their business on TV and radio and the internet.  For an advertising… Read more »


As Purple Diamond is winding down their short work week with the holidays fast approaching there is one question that popped up yesterday at a holiday open house that I attended at the Cummings Center in Beverly, “is it over yet?”  2009 was not exactly an easy year for local businesses, but it was still… Read more »


Many of us would not be in business if we did not know how to ask for a customer’s order, but how many business owners realize the importance of asking people to subscribe to your newsletter, read your blog or follow you on Twitter and Facebook? Nancy Black of Organization Plus used her 30 second… Read more »


This weekend I braved the malls to do some people watching and check out the sales. As my husband and I managed to work our way in to the local Best Buy store, I bumped in to another shopper in the crowded aisle. She was very pleasant and we joked about hearing that there was… Read more »


There is no doubt that 2009 was a challenging year for most businesses, but I saw a trend that was significantly different in the advertising field than in past down economies…..businesses cut their advertising budgets instead of advertising more and taking advantage of better rates from TV, radio, billboards and newspapers. Some businesses shifted to… Read more »