When Your Business Takes A Turn

The past few months I have noticed a shift in the business opportunities that are coming my way.  Calls from business owners who are asking for help with advertising and they are ready to devote a significant portion of their budget to promote their business on TV and radio and the internet.  For an advertising agency that would seem like the norm, but Purple Diamond started March 1st of 2008 and if the company didn’t create an affordable one one-one-one marketing coaching service that November for local business owners during the slow economy their would be no Purple Diamond. Being able to collect data, analyze the trends and make smart decisions based on what you are seeing is part of having a successful business.  If you are a procrastinator who is reluctant to embrace change and you are banking on business getting better “some day” without taking steps to make this happen today,  you may have a long wait for that “some day”.  So, what do you do when your business takes a turn?

For my business the first turn was in 2008 when I recognized that many of the clients who were advertising in TV and radio and on Billboards and other traditional media services had pulled their advertising budgets to pay for day to day business expenses to off-set the drop in sales that were occurring with record unemployment.  I used the knowledge I had from working for an  internet company prior to Purple Diamond to create a new service because I saw that there was a need for business owners to still actively work on their marketing for their company.  I called the service “marketing coaching” and I worked with the CEO on any part of marketing they needed to help their business, but most requested help with social on-line networking on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter and to determine if a Blog was right for their business.  This kept the cash flow going for my own business and relationship building throughout the business community, along with brand awareness for Purple Diamond and today my business is healthy with a steady group of marketing coaching clients and many of the traditional advertising clients are ready to launch TV and radio campaigns and banner ads on popular internet sites and the phone is ringing!

So, do you have a new  services or product that you can launch today that will sell in this market? Or, have you considered a marketing campaign that expands to a new market that you have never considered?  If you have always sold locally maybe looking at how the internet could expand your reach to even an international market? If you have cut away your marketing and advertising budget reconsider this. Doing nothing often gets you nothing and unless that is what you want for your business it is time to get daring and bold with your advertising.

All my best to your success!


“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”