OK is Just OK, but Who Wants More?

If you own your own business and your marketing and sales efforts this year are just “OK”, do you want more? Seems like a silly question, but it might be the reason you are not getting the results today that you want for your business.  During tough economic times there is always a large percentage of companies that have no growth or fail, but there is also the ones that seem to gain large market share and thrive.   So why are some businesses doing well and others are living with “just OK”, much depends on attitude and the willingness to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. But sometimes it can be that the owner of the small to mid-size business is at a loss for knowing what else they can do. There is a blind spot that they do not even know exists and that blind spot has been created from working year after year in a better economy and never having to look for new ways and ideas to help grow their business.

Business owners who want more are getting help today for their business by hiring marketing coaches and business consultants who are able to bring a fresh view to what can bring your company from OK to great.  Purple Diamond has helped over 50 local businesses in the past couple of years with affordable and effective marketing coaching and services with the emphasis on “success”.   The coaching service was created after a year of hearing local business owners say that they were overwhelmed with the sluggish economy, decline in their business and the confusion of what really works for advertising today.  Most of these owners were sole proprietors who didn’t want to take their worry home to their family, but really needed someone to share their frustrations with and to brainstorm new and innovative ideas.  So, Purple Diamond created a marketing coaching service that allowed businesses to hire a coach for a couple hours a month.

If you are OK with “OK” or really don’t want to have better sales, then this solution is not the right one for you.  However, if you want your business to be better than good consider hiring a marketing coach or business consultant to work with you today!

All my best to your success! ~ Charlene

“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”