Many of us would not be in business if we did not know how to ask for a customer’s order, but how many business owners realize the importance of asking people to subscribe to your newsletter, read your blog or follow you on Twitter and Facebook? Nancy Black of Organization Plus used her 30 second elevator speech at this morning’s North Shore Business Forum networking meeting to ask the members to please sign-up for her newsletter since she is trying to reach a goal in her newsletter subscriber count before the New Year. YAY! Great job Nancy.

Often we forget to “ASK” for help from the people we network with every day. We create fans pages on Facebook and sign-up for Twitter and create great content for our newsletters and blogs, but we do not think to ask the people closest to us to please follow us and sign-up for our newsletters. Organization Plus needs your help in breaking their subscriber count goal for their monthly newsletter and I am choosing to blog about it because I like to support people who are not afraid to ask for help.

How are you growing your on-line networking? Are you thinking outside the box in building a following and do you see how valuable that following is for your business? This is not a time to sit on the sidelines and watch others build their business and continue to procrastinate on your own. Be smart and connect with as many people as possible and share with the world why your services are essential to their life!

All my best to your success!
“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”