Convert Online Contacts to Clients

Social Media Marketing is an excellent way for a business to generate more business exposure and help to brand their business, but how do you get more clients from the time invested with Blogging and social sites? Converting online contacts to clients is most likely the real reason any of us spend the time we… Read more »

BLOG Vacation

Purple Diamond Marketing Blog took a 4 month break from BLOGGING.  What prompted this action and did it have a negative impact on my business? Curiosity prompted my decision since I am often asked if people really need to BLOG and if BLOGGING is helping my business in the local market.  Guess what….the short answer… Read more »

Technology, a Marketing Dream or Headache?

Website, Google Ad Words, SEO Campaigns, Email Marketing, Video Messages,  Social Media Sites, Blogs, QR Codes, Smartphone Marketing & Apps, Cloud Computing, On-line Malls and the list goes on and on! If your business is at least 20 years old there is a good chance that you never used any of the marketing technology that… Read more »

Comment Spam Can Hurt Your Blog

Many businesses have added a blog feature to their company website as a way to help with their on-line rankings with Google and other search engine sites.  Blogging is an excellent way to enhance  your on-line marketing, but the comments that are received from people who visit your blog might be hurting your rankings if… Read more »

Blog Blog Blog

Blog Blog Blog is it Blah Blah Blah? Do you really need to blog? If your company  does, are you blogging consistently or do you find yourself with limited time and no staff to help you market your business with blogging?  And, if you do blog consistently is your target market finding your blog? With… Read more »

Blogging For Your Business

The Purple Diamond Marketing Blog was launched a year ago, Oct. 6, 2009.   It started as my own experiment to see how time intensive blogging would be for a small business with limited staff and if it actually generates new business.  Ninety-six articles published in a year on this Blog and our stats were strong… Read more »


We have all heard that this is the year for on-line social networking and having a blog, but is a blog right for you?  To start one requires a serious commitment on the part of the blogger and the time to keep the blog active with consistent postings or it could reflect poorly on the… Read more »


I started my own Purple Diamond blog a couple of months ago and when I saw that I had over 1000 unique hits [1000 individual people] to my site I recognized the power of blogging and I was hooked like many other businesses that have learned that a blog is a great marketing tool if… Read more »


The talk these days with many business owners is on-line social networking and having a company blog.  This is great if you love to write and you have time on your hands, but what does a small business owner do if they really struggle with writing?  One solution is to choose a blog that will… Read more »


This morning as I attended the annual Kick-Off Breakfast for the North Shore Business Forum I was engaged in a conversation about having realistic expectations for our marketing efforts.  We all want to have HUGE success. Who wouldn’t love to join a business networking group and walk away with a client on the first day… Read more »