The talk these days with many business owners is on-line social networking and having a company blog.  This is great if you love to write and you have time on your hands, but what does a small business owner do if they really struggle with writing?  One solution is to choose a blog that will feature pictures.  The focus shifts to conveying a visual message and not a verbal one.  I still recommend some written content, but finding words to describe a picture and telling a story or sharing an idea is so much easier when you have a focus for your blog post from a great picture. Another option is to ask for input from other sources on-line.  Today, I was actually quoted in another blog, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur,  for my input on why Entrepreneurs fail. The blogger posted a question and asked for input to create his article and in exchange he offered an active link to the contributor’s website and blog. It is a win win for everyone.  You would be amazed at how generous people can be with offering answers to questions via Linkedin and several other on-line social networking sites. The site I found the above blog information request was on . A third way to have a blog even if you hate to write is to hire a ‘ghost writer’ for your blog.  There are many talented writers who are looking for extra income who are willing to take a simple outline about a subject and create an interesting blog post for your business.  Since many writers have worked as journalist they are skilled in knowing how to ask questions so that what they are writing is both informative and interesting to read.  Where do you find a “Ghost Writer”? Many marketing consultants have numerous contacts in this area, but you could also contact a local newspaper or even inquire at a nearby college about students who are studying journalism or majoring in communications.  So, if you hate to write, but want to blog…consider being creative and coming up with a way to make this happen!

[note: my blog is not written by a Ghost Writer, but I have written a few blog posts for clients who needed help. ]

All my best to your success!


“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”