BLOG Vacation

Purple Diamond Marketing Blog took a 4 month break from BLOGGING.  What prompted this action and did it have a negative impact on my business? Curiosity prompted my decision since I am often asked if people really need to BLOG and if BLOGGING is helping my business in the local market.  Guess what….the short answer to if taking 4 months off from BLOGGING  directly impacted the bottom line to my business is “no”.  New marketing projects and annual coaching client contracts continued and Purple Diamond was hired for 2 new social media campaigns and 2 paid speaking engagements! The time usually spent on BLOGGING was strategically used to work on client projects and creating new ways for my clients to increase their own profits which resulted in numerous new recommendations posted on my Linkedin profile about my work.

So, if everything still went forward in a positive way without BLOGGING why am I BLOGGING right now?  Well, the one area that did drop off was where my company is listed on search results on-line.  With a website that was created with FLASH for a more visual appeal, I knew that my site would not come up high on searches by itself.  So, my BLOGGING and my time spent on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and now Google+ and listing a link on many free sites is my way of helping Purple Diamond to be found by local businesses via the internet.  So, to enhance my website with fresh new content which helps with searches I will continue to BLOG!

What is your reason for BLOGGING or not BLOGGING?

All my best to your success!


“Success wears the Purple Diamond”