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Business Referrals

The number one marketing question I had this past week from business owners was, “How do I  get referrals?” The obvious response is that you ask for them!  I am amazed when talking with new clients to hear that they never have created a referral program with their existing client base or they fail to… Read more »

Give To The Community and Help Your Business

Yesterday,  I received 2 thank you letters from a local Girl Scouts’ Cadette Troop who had asked me to speak at their Business Women’s Seminar in June and it prompted today’s marketing blog topic, “Give To The Community and Help Your Business”.   Whether your company sells business-to-business or business-to-consumers, the model of helping your community… Read more »

Facebook Tips for Businesses From Purple Diamond

[note: these tips are just suggestions and it is up to the individual business to determine what is best for their business.] 1.)    Frequency is key! Posting an update at least once per day  and adding  “friends / fans”  to your personal and business page must be on-going and with effort.  Do not wait for… Read more »


Did you know that the 2009 Nielsen ratings showed the largest age group of people using on-line networking for  Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter fall in the 35-49 year old age grouping with the second largest being 50-64 year olds?!  Two weeks ago when I shared that information with a room of business owners during my… Read more »


Today is Saturday and next week is Christmas and Purple Diamond will be closed for the holidays. When I started my blog a few months ago I was clear that I would keep it to the work week only and not blog when I was off for vacation, but my stats show that there are… Read more »


There is a huge focus these days on internet marketing and how to effectively use social media, blogging, email marketing and search engine optimization, but is this shift to setting up an internet marketing strategy enough? If you clicked through your website and 4 of your competitors, would yours stand-out? How about your blog or… Read more »


What does a company do when they have very little money for marketing or advertising? Beyond hiring an affordable specialist like Purple Diamond to coach your company through the marketing and advertising maze of options, the first thing a business owner must know is what their product or service is, who the right target market… Read more »