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Saw It In The Paper Today!

As more and more newspapers are creating an on-line version of their daily paper to compliment the paper version of their publication and sharing it with Facebook and other on-line social media networks, advertisers are taking a second look at the importance of placing an ad or having their picture in the paper! This past… Read more »

Increase Sales During Slow Summer Months

As we approach the Memorial Holiday Weekend and the official start of summer many businesses know that this is a time in which their own business slows down because of their clients, colleagues and staff have vacations.  So, what do you do during the slower days of summer which can help to increase sales for… Read more »

TV and Radio Commercials Still Work!

The past couple of months I have been handling the advertising and promotions of an event that is taking place today and tomorrow and because the client has run this event in the past he has an excellent system set-up with his website registration for finding out where people heard about the event.  This is… Read more »

How Much Should I Spend On Advertising?

How much of my budget should I devote to advertising my business? This is a question I am asked quite often and the answer can vary depending on the business and what their goals are for their marketing and advertising efforts.  However, most of my clients who have been successful in business have stuck with… Read more »

When Your Business Takes A Turn

The past few months I have noticed a shift in the business opportunities that are coming my way.  Calls from business owners who are asking for help with advertising and they are ready to devote a significant portion of their budget to promote their business on TV and radio and the internet.  For an advertising… Read more »


How do you decide where you should advertise your business each year?  For some businesses they are working off an old media plan or schedule  that was created over 5 years ago and because of the slow economy they have reduced their advertising budgets which has left their strategy outdated and no longer useful.  If… Read more »


This past Saturday my daughter was married at the Crestview in Woburn, MA and as I posted many of the photos of the day to my Facebook page I thought about how we planned the event so that it would be memorable to all who attended.  The bride’s outfit and hair a perfect picture for… Read more »


When I first got in to selling TV advertising campaigns I was surprised at how many business owners would want to buy the TV networks that they enjoyed watching without much thought of who their target market was and if the network they liked appealed to who they needed to reach.  Emotions verses logic is… Read more »