Most Original Marketing

Purple Diamond, Beverly MAThis past year when I attended a business networking event in October the host requested we wear costumes and I was voted to have the “Most Original Costume” that night.  Though I was flattered to have been voted “Most Original”, only a handful of attendees at that event dressed in costumes. The room was filled with business owners who came to the event to network with other business owners and help their businesses stand out, but only 5% actually dressed in costumes.  What does this have to do with having the most original marketing for your business? EVERYTHING!  If you want to have the “Most Original Marketing” you have to participate 100% and be willing to standout and be noticed. You can’t be voted “Most Original” if you choose to do nothing.

Not all business owners like to have the spotlight shined on them, but they do know that in today’s competitive market your business depends on having creative marketing that gets you noticed in a positive way.  If you were the person in high school who rarely raised your hand in class and always wanted to blend in with the crowd, you will have to hire a top marketing specialist or work with a consultant to help your business get noticed in a positive way that leads to exceptional sales.   You will also need to be ready to listen to their ideas and empower them to take actions on behalf of your business.  “Original” marketing is called that because it is not something that your competitors are currently doing so it requires stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new ideas that may feel strange and awkward.   The key to success is to do something extraordinary and if you never try anything new with your business you will not discover what real potential your business has.

Beyond hiring specialists in the field of marketing, another tip to help you on your way to having effective marketing and advertising is to spend an hour a day reading marketing books, articles,  and blogs and attending seminars that will help you to stay current on what the trends are now and what forecasters are seeing for the future in your field.  Knowledge has always been key and one of the many reasons why the most successful companies require employees to attend educational trainings every year in their field so that they remain current in the tools and technology available to them.  Start the New Year off with a great marketing team that will help you create the most original marketing campaigns  and achieve the success you need right now!

All my best to your success~ Charlene

“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”