“Clicks” Are Not Sales

If you have a business in 2010 most likely you have a website, but are you looking at the traffic reports for your site and other on-line  reports for internet advertising that you are running to determine how successful your on-line marketing footprint is? “Clicks” or visits to your website does not equal an automatic sale.  As impressive as some of these reports are with their high numbers of impressions and guaranteed clicks, if there is no results from these numbers that translates in to sales, then you have a problem.

Two things can easily be the reason you are not getting the results you are looking for from internet marketing when your reports show that you had high traffic to your site. The most obvious one, your offering didn’t sell me.  The product or service didn’t match the consumers’ needs or was priced too high for the market.  The second reason you have not had the sales to match the high “clicks” is that your website content and design of your site does not sell anyone.  Most people who use the internet to shop for products and services are looking for information that is clear and easy to read and can be found quickly.  If your home page or the landing page you have created for the ad word that was clicked on doesn’t capture a person in 3-5 seconds, you have most likely lost a sale.  Clutter on a website has a negative effect and if your site is hard to navigate and the person has to search for information or a way to contact you or place an order or a reason to buy from you, then all the “clicks” or visits to your website will not end up in  sales.

Some of the more proactive companies have employed the use of a “live chat” to their websites to avoid losing potential sales. This may not be possible for smaller companies that do not have a large enough sales or technical staff, but it does offer an opportunity to get the feedback you need immediately as to what a person might have a question about or what they are wanting to buy.  You are better able to match your products with their needs when “live chat” is available.

To learn  more about how to turn “clicks” in to sales contact Purple Diamond or consult with an internet marketing consultant.

All my best to your success! ~ Charlene

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