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Is Your Website Too Distracting

Websites in 2012 offer so many more options than sites in the past.  From adobe flash-based websites that offer animated messages to the basic WordPress format, businesses must decide what design platform is the best one to reach their target audience. Purple Diamond just converted from an Adobe flash-based site that allowed for a diamond… Read more »

“Clicks” Are Not Sales

If you have a business in 2010 most likely you have a website, but are you looking at the traffic reports for your site and other on-line  reports for internet advertising that you are running to determine how successful your on-line marketing footprint is? “Clicks” or visits to your website does not equal an automatic… Read more »


I was working in TV advertising when companies were first being approached about having a website. The company I was working for in the Boston area had asked us to sell websites to our TV clients and then someone in California would create them. It sounded easy, but that was my first introduction to the… Read more »