Can Facebook Help My Business?

Charlene St. Jean“Facebook…facebook….facebook….do I really need to use this social media service to help my business?”  That depends on YOU!  Being a business owner offers you a choice of what you want to do for getting the word out about your product and/or services.  However, with over 300 million users on Facebook and a growing number of  businesses using social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Blogging daily, it is hard to not reply with a loud YES to that question!

“But does anyone REALLY get clients from having a profile set-up?”  This is a mixed answer and for anyone who actively uses Facebook or multi social media services they understand why.  A profile is just a place holder.  It is like a name card that sits on a table at a wedding reception in front of an empty seat…without the guest physically showing up at the event and conversing with the other guests they are not seen.  Building your contacts, posting daily updates and interacting with the people you have on your  personal page and posting content to your business page is what will bring business to your door providing your product or service satisfies the needs of the targeted group and is at a price they are willing to purchase it at.  Social media marketing only works if you work at it!  There is no exact science to how many posts or comments you need to make in a day, week or month to attract business, but if you do nothing it has no chance to work.  Today, I mentioned a friend’s book on my personal Facebook page and included a photo of her and I got an email through Facebook from another friend saying she bought the book on-line after seeing my update.  And, last week I bought tickets to a concert because I saw it on Facebook.

The holidays are coming and right now people are on Facebook more than during the summer months when the weather is so nice. Be sure you are, too!

All my best to your success! ~ Charlene

“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”