Why Did You Start Your Business?

My greatest inspiration.

My greatest inspiration…My Dad!

Today is Purple Diamond‘s 5th year anniversary and the morning was spent first on Facebook saying Happy Birthday to various friends and commenting on posts, then attending a business networking group at 7:00am followed by a Board of Directors meeting for the North Shore Business Forum and then meeting with a new client who has been in business for 18 years, but wants some help with coaching for his business and creating a marketing plan.  Busy busy busy, but as I spoke with this new client about WHY he got in to the business he is in, I realized I needed to share my own story today on why I started my business.

Why Purple Diamond? Why am I so passionate about coaching people on achieving SUCCESS? Why do I wear PURPLE every day, attend numerous business networking events, reach out to business owners to ask them about their story and find creative ways to get them more business? Why do I care so much about people succeeding in their dreams? In short, because I am the daughter of a man who could have written the book about SUCCESS and I admired him more than anyone else in my life.  Though my Dad passed in 1992 at the young age of 62, he owned a successful business and raised 6 children and made sure each of us had an education and positive self-worth.  He would challenge us to do better than average and inspire us to follow his love of life and helping other people while still going after your dreams.

So, when I look closely at “WHY” I work so hard  to help my clients succeed in business I realize that I am reliving the best part of my childhood.  Watching my Dad create magic in people’s lives and helping them to believe in themselves and to go on to living their dream and defining their own success.  And, that is “WHAT” I share with each and every business and why I created Purple Diamond.  To help businesses succeed: “Success wears the Purple Diamond!” ….because YOU deserve to succeed at YOUR dreams and I thank you for being part of my own!