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Branding Your Business

What is a brand and why does your business need to have one? The brand of your business is how you appear to others.  It is your identity as a business and with it you are able to shape how your audience sees you through your business name, color combination, logo, slogan, advertisements, and anything… Read more »


“How’s business?” may be a question that people ask to make polite conversation or small talk when meeting a business owner in a store or connecting at a business networking event.  Most people are expecting a short response like, “it’s ok” or “it could be better”.  However, have you ever considered that your answer will… Read more »


This morning I attended a local ribbon cutting for a new business at the Cummings Center in Beverly, Il Tramezzino Place. Since I am on the Board of Directors of the Beverly Chamber of Commerce I try to attend as many networking events as possible as a way of supporting the community and the chamber… Read more »