“How’s business?” may be a question that people ask to make polite conversation or small talk when meeting a business owner in a store or connecting at a business networking event.  Most people are expecting a short response like, “it’s ok” or “it could be better”.  However, have you ever considered that your answer will set the tone for your day! I just got off the phone with a friend who has their own business and his response to my question was that “it stinks!” Of course, like any good friend and marketing coach I offered him my help to change his situation, but the very first change must be the daily message you say out loud about your business and how things are going.  If you always see the negative side of life there is little room for much else in your world.  Talking negatively about your business is something people will immediately pay attention to and remember, but it takes three to four  times the effort to get them to hear a positive message.

If I came in today as your marketing or sales executive and you heard me chatting with your customers or business contacts and saying that “business stinks” or “sales are WAY down” or something that tells them that your product just is not holding up in today’s market…..what would you think?  Would you want me to be your sales manager or marketing rep? Well, for many small businesses, the owner is the only marketing and sales person so speaking from a place of seeing the worst in your business could be costing you future sales.  Would you really want to purchase goods and services from a company that sounds like they are about to close their doors or that no one is seeing the value of their product including the owner?  Negative talk can be contagious and when a person hears that your business is doing poorly they often share this with other people they know.  “Word of mouth” advertising can both build your business or ruin it so do not be the person who starts the campaign to sink your chances in business. If you need a break from the day to day grind of running your business be sure to take one, but allowing yourself to fall in to having a negative attitude and verbally berating your own business to those who ask will close doors and potential opportunity for growth with your business.

All my best to your success!


“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”