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Real Time Marketing

Real Time Marketing

There are lots of trendy terms these days in marketing and one is called “Real Time Marketing”, but what exactly does that mean and how is it different than what marketers have done in past years? Real Time Marketing is responding to data analytics and messaging in real time or close to real time.  Unlike an advertising campaign in which there is time to create strategy, messaging, and strategic planning as to when and where to launch the campaign, Real Time Marketing requires a strong understanding of brand messaging and what marketing messages are relevant at that exact moment of time to connect with the needs and wants of the targeted consumer. This has made it such that companies need to have an experienced full-time Digital Marketer on staff or to outsource parts of their Social Media Marketing to a specialist who assists in managing the various social site pages.

Real Time Marketing has been very useful for both small and large businesses today, but not all businesses have found success and this is mainly because they are not recognizing the time commitment involved or the level of expertise in marketing.  As a Social Media Marketer who manages multi pages for various local businesses, I know the hours it takes for a business to be able to respond in “real time” and to connect on a level that increases sales and awareness of brand. Some businesses use programs to schedule messages for their Social Media in advance, but they are using like Facebook and Twitter sites  that were developed for Real Time interactions and they risk not being connected to what is happening at that very moment and possibly doing damage to their brand. They also are not available to reply back immediately, engage in a conversation, and increase the likelihood of a sale.  But that is also a key reason to hire an experienced marketer to help your business with Real Time Marketing; do you feel confident in their ability to engage with your target market and represent your brand? Years ago when I wrote and sold TV commercials I was fortunate to be able to come up quickly with creative ideas in front of my clients and I was able to write most of the commercial on the spot. Communication was a strong part of my career and knowing what and when to say something to help promote or sell a product was why I quickly became a Senior Account Executive in Advertising and why today Purple Diamond offers Real Time Marketing / Social Media Marketing services for clients.  If your business needs help with Social Media Marketing or training for your staff in understanding and engaging in Real Time Marketing please give us a call.






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