QR Codes and Marketing

New technology creates innovative ways for businesses to get their marketing message in the hands of their potential customers faster than ever.  We have seen tremendous growth with small businesses that jumped on board with social media marketing and have developed successful campaigns using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and Blogging, but now the talk is about applications for smart phones that will expedite your message or information and place it in the hands of your target market.  QR Codes which stands for “quick response” are those funny looking square black and white symbol you are seeing on products, websites , billboards, magazine ads, coupons,  direct mail campaigns and even T-shirts!  These bar codes are easy to create and as long as you download a free application to your smart phone a person can be scanning these symbols and getting direct information from the source who has created the code.

Is this just another marketing tool business owners are being asked to accept and add to what they are currently doing to remain competitive in their field?  It is if they want to be the early adopter to something that has great potential to help them lead in their market.  The downside of this is that not everyone has the application on their phone so the immediate gains from adding this to all your marketing material may not be seen today.  However, as more and more businesses are learning about this new marketing tool, downloading the free application to their smartphone, testing it and then brainstorming as to the various ways this could help their own business, the QR codes will populate quickly in advertisements and will become a tool that marketing departments  use daily.

If you are stuck in the past and slow to embracing technology, consider contacting a marketing coach or specialist who can help you get started on some exciting new tools for your business!

All my best to your success! ~ Charlene

“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”