Marketing Trends for 2013

As we end the first month of 2013, we notice that more businesses have added staff positions to handle their on-line marketing or have hired outside Social Media Marketing Consultants to manage their Social Media Campaigns.  Content…content…content…that is the buzz word for 2013. Companies will spend more time and money creating quality content that will get noticed on-line.

So does this mean that in 2013 businesses no longer advertise on TV, launch a radio campaign, exhibit at Trade Shows, place ads in publications or consider direct mail?  No, marketing dollars will continue to be spent in all of these areas, but you will notice that in 2013 there will be a more active approach to Social Media Marketing and creating consistent quality content for sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even Pinterest.  An integrated approach to your marketing in 2013 will yield greater success! Marketing2013