Have You Checked Out Your Social Media Strategist

Social Media Marketing is still very new and so we are seeing many many marketing professionals jump in and call themselves “Social Media Marketing Strategist or Professionals”.   Some are, but many are not.  So, before you sign-up for a class or attend a seminar or hire a company to help you with your Social Media Marketing Strategy, have you checked out the person who claims to be the professional in this field? Do they use Social Media for their own business?  If they have set-up pages on Facebook do they even have a “cover” for their business page and have no less than 400 people who have LIKED their page.  How about people who are connected with them on Linkedin? Do they have over 500? Did they just get selected to be among the top 10% for Linkedin?  Do you see them on your social media sites and like how they present their information and interact with you and others?  Do they walk their talk?

Anyone can read-up on how to utilize Social Media to enhance their business, but if they do not actually USE these sites to build their brand, network and communicate with others they might not be the BEST person to help you navigate the waters of this new world.  Social Media is here to stay, but it takes someone who actually uses it, administers to multi-pages for other businesses and organizations and has a successful track record with online networking as the RIGHT one to call when you want to learn more.

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