Today is my daughter’s 22nd birthday and so I decided to write my marketing blog about birthdays and how wishing a client a “happy birthday” can elevate your status from their vendor to a friend! Why does it matter? Relationship building and connecting on a more personal level has always improved retention of customers.  Why do you think there are so many business people who learn to play golf or they socialize with clients outside of work? Making a strong connection helps to keep competitors from stealing your accounts.  Why birthdays? Well, there is nothing nicer than to have someone remember your birthday and if you have jumped on board with Facebook or other on-line social networking sites or have a great data-base program that includes your clients’ birthdays, you can easily send them a quick message wishing them to have a great day.  And, if you have more time on your hand, there is nothing better than getting a birthday card in the mail. Last year one of my new marketing coaching clients surprised me with a personal card that was made just for me for my birthday. Yes, she made a great impression and a real friend who will actually drop other projects and get her’s done first. LOL  Probably should not have admitted that, but I am an honest person and I like to help others understand the importance of making a positive and lasting impression.

So, as I wish my daughter, Nicole, a Happy 22nd Birthday….I remind my readers that it doesn’t take much to connect on a more personal level and it will bring you more business and a higher retention rate of customers.

All my best to your success!


“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”