As a small child the word I probably heard the most was “no”, but as an adult I am hooked on the word “yes”.  “Yes” opens the door to possibilities that lead to opportunities that brings us to more success in both our life and our business.  Sounds simple, but the majority of people today have been raised on the word “no” from their childhood and “no” is an ending to dreams.  And, for people who like their life to be in order, the word “no” is easier than ‘yes”, because it doesn’t challenge us.  Once you get the no you are all done and you can then go home and give up.

If you are the owner of your business or an employee who wants more out of life, you must put down the fear of success and embrace it.  Take “no” out of the equation and look for solutions so that when you are asked to do the impossible, you answer YES!  Growing as a business requires being “bold” and “brave” and the willingness to try new things when the old is no longer working as you wish it would.  Right now there are probably several small business owners who are reading this and thinking that they just do not have the staff to handle taking on new things or larger projects, but that is “no’ thinking.  Stuck in the fear of failure will keep you from ever succeeding.  Embrace the “yes” and consider your options for taking on a part-time person or temporary help or maybe going to the local colleges and asking for an intern that is studying in the field you are working in.  Look to your family and friends and see if they can offer help to your business. Consider the network of other businesses in the area that might be a partner to your new idea or bigger client.  Look beyond yourself and recognize that when you say “yes” you are breaking through your past fears and on to an exciting new venture that is filled with possibilities.

Purple Diamond is in the business of helping business owners say “yes”.   Your marketing plan and your advertising campaigns will never succeed unless you embrace the “yes” language and see that it opens more doors and helps to increase sales.  Make 2010 the year you bury the word “no” and jump at the opportunity to say “YES”.

All my best to your success!


“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”