Color? What does that have to do with business? Plenty! The color(s) you choose to help identify your business is as much of your brand as your logo and tagline. In fact, many people will make a judgment about your business in the first 60 seconds and that will be heavily influenced by the color you have used in your marketing material and website. Catching the consumer’s eye in the packaging of your product can often be the reason one brand is chosen over another on a store shelf.

So, how about a service business that doesn’t have a tangible product to put in a colorful package and sell in a store, do you really need to think about color? Yes! Having the right color or colors in your marketing material and your website can put you ahead of your competitors and leave a lasting positive impression on those you meet. Studies have shown that color increases brand recognition significantly and will increase the chance of people seeing and remembering you or your advertisement. How many times have you glanced at a newspaper or magazine and your eyes are drawn to the color ad on the page over the black and white one? Did you know that the color “red” is often used with fast food restaurants because they have determined that it can actually trigger the response of hunger? However, “red”, can also evoke a negative emotion since it is associated with anger, strength, and action items. If used too much the color could work against a business that is trying to have a calming effect like a Life Coaching Service.

Look closely at the colors you have chosen for your business. Are you memorable? Does the color go with the services you are offering? Ask a marketing consultant or a graphic artist for help in determining what the best color for your business branding is. My own color came from the name of my business Purple Diamond. I recognized that the history of the color purple, “a regal color that symbolizes great wealth”, was exactly what I wanted for a marketing coaching and advertising agency. I wanted my clients to feel like royalty and know that by working with me they would yield great wealth and have success. It is also a color that stands out and leaves a lasting impression and that is what great marketing is! So, what color have you used for your business? Do you need a color analysis or update?

All my best to your success!


“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”