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The Persuasion of Color in Marketing

This weekend I was texted a photo of a beautiful PURPLE electric guitar ( ESP LTD MH100 with a quilted maple top) that my son’s friend purchased and has named “Charlene”.  Yes, the PURPLE guitar is named after me, a passionate lover of PURPLE who rocks the color daily in clothes and all other aspects… Read more »

Branding Your Business

What is a brand and why does your business need to have one? The brand of your business is how you appear to others.  It is your identity as a business and with it you are able to shape how your audience sees you through your business name, color combination, logo, slogan, advertisements, and anything… Read more »


Color? What does that have to do with business? Plenty! The color(s) you choose to help identify your business is as much of your brand as your logo and tagline. In fact, many people will make a judgment about your business in the first 60 seconds and that will be heavily influenced by the color… Read more »