Take Your “A” Game To Work!

Tonight, I will be attending another local chamber networking event and this morning I will be on set most of the day helping to shoot a TV commercial I wrote for  my client.  I started my work day this morning at 5:15 am.  Why do I mention all of this? Because tonight when I attend the networking event I will be walking in the door with a smile, a name badge with my company name and logo branded on it, and a pocket full of business cards!  Every day I take my “A” game to work with me and on the days I am not up to presenting my “A” game, I recognize that this is when I need to take a mental health day to regroup and energize.  If you own a business and you are not presenting your best self in public it most likely is costing you sales or clients.

Have you ever walked the floor of a Trade Show and noticed that there are some presenters at booths who have energy and are actively working the room to draw in leads while others look like they would rather have a root canal than to be attending the event? Which one engages you in conversation? Missed opportunities in a competitive economy can be death to a business. Excuses and lack of enthusiasm because you are not doing the business you once did during a better economy is not working for you or your business. Make a choice today to smile more, talk positively about your business and be prepared to connect with future clients at any time. If you have been stuck in your office too long and you have been living the life of a vampire who seldom sees the sun it is time for you to take a customer or business contact to lunch.  Be sure to include “fun” in your work day and if you can not find that “A” game for your business, then it is time for you to consider working with a Life Coach or someone who can help you to find what it is that brings a smile to your face.

All my best to your success!


“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”