Message Magic with Marketing

When was the last time you submitted a press release about your business that got published or a social media post or blog that got a large response, or delivered a 30 second elevator speech to a group of business owners that had people asking to know more? Your message must tell a compelling story or offer a message that attracts attention and stands out from the rest.  Message magic with your marketing will help you to jump ahead of your competition, but it does not require “magic” to get great results.

The key to having a marketing message that engages your audience and gets results for your business requires 3 things!  First, you have to know what 3 benefits your product or  service offers.  Having a clear understanding of what value you offer and what needs your business satisfies is essential.  Second, you must know who your true target audience is for this product or service and where to reach them to deliver your message.  Finally, the third component to creating a message that gets noticed is to have strong writing and communication skills or be willing to hire a professional writer or marketing professional who can help you in this area.

To have a magical message that stays with people is much like the 4C’s of Purple Diamond.  Clarity requires a clear message. The cut must be above the rest. The color is rare and equals great wealth and the carat weight is always up to you!  Contact Purple Diamond if you want to take your marketing to another level.

All my best to your success! ~ Charlene

“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”