Today I went to my Purple Diamond LLC fans page on Facebook and was alarmed to see the 24 Discussion topics I have posted over the past couple of months were gone. Cyberland never never land? Were they gone for good? I quickly tried to contact Facebook, but saw only a list of “help” topics that didn’t answer my question of where all my written works had gone. I then reached out to my spouse who is the smartest man I know in the IT field and he asked if I had backed up all that I had written and I had to admit that I didn’t. Thankfully, within 15 minutes the topics were back on my fans page. Not real sure what was happening with Facebook, but I was relieved to see all my written work. Quickly, I started to copy and past each of the 24 topics in to a word document file and I backed it up to my system so that I would not lose everything I have written.

Keeping a copy of everything you write for your business as a blog topic post or Facebook Fans page will help you to build a portfolio to draw from if you are ever need something for a client, a seminar you are talking at or to add to a new site that you have joined. And, if the cyberland squirrels get in to your Fans page or blog and everything disappears… have back-up!

All my best to your success!