First thing this morning, after attending a chamber of commerce networking event, I exercised my right to vote. There were a few other business owners who were heading to the polls at the same time and we joked about the importance of voting regardless of who you are voting for. So, does voting in local elections help your business? This marketing coach says YES!

Who would know if you chose to not vote? The first person to know is you. It could say that you either have not chosen a candidate, are unhappy with the choices, care little about the issues, are too busy to get to the polls or just forgot. Is that the message you want to send to yourself or to others who ask if you have voted? Would you feel confidence in doing business with a person who might have forgot to vote or didn’t find it important enough to make time for it? Does it build confidence or destroy their character? Maybe that sounds too harsh, but right now as business owners we can not afford to fall short in any area. Competition for business is fierce and we want to be the one who is chosen to get the contract or sale.

The second person who will know you did not vote is the elected officials. It is a public record whether or not you voted and as a business owner in a community that you live and work within, it is essential to get to the polls. You never know when your business will need to have the support of the mayor or someone within your district. This past year I had a local candidate stop by my home who knows that I own a local business. He complimented me on voting in all the past elections and I noticed that he had a list of my neighbors and who voted in the past and who didn’t. Important information in a close race, but for me it made me glad that I have always shown up at the polls and exercised my right to vote.

So, regardless of party politics or the candidates that you have to choose from, or if it is a presidential year or not, consider voting as good business! Be the person who shows up and pay attention to those who just do not make the time. And, whether or not your candidate “wins or loses”; you have taken a positive step as a business person in your community!

All my best to your success!


“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”