Do You Need a Marketing Coach?

We have all heard of personal trainers, life coaches, career coach specialists , real estate agents who coach you on buying or selling your home, and business consultant/coaches, but do you understand what a  marketing coach is and if you need one?  First, a marketing coach will offer help in key areas of marketing.  They will help to establish realistic marketing and sales objectives for your company’s future, help to establish the identity of your company, coach you in determining your target market and point out possible threats along the way to making you more profitable.  The coach helps you to create a strategic marketing plan on the level that works best for your business, but beyond the plan, a marketing coach helps you to stay focused, on task, and to achieve success for your business.  So, how do you know if you need a marketing coach? The answer to that is if your company is growing at the pace you have set as a goal.  Are your sales strong and are you comfortable that you are using the marketing tools that best suits your business to achieve the most success?

When I first approached a local business with the idea of hiring me as their marketing coach I spent more time helping them to understand what a marketing coach was and how we differ from a business coach.  The economy had cut away at so many marketing departments and many local business owners were left to juggle a long list of responsibilities and marketing was one of the first to be neglected.  When I would start to talk about Facebook, Twitter or Blogging they would shake their heads and say they just didn’t have the time or desire to know more.  That was a couple of years ago, but today I am paid to speak to various business groups about social media and I work one-on-one with CEO’s who have seen their competitors using this marketing tool to gain more exposure, increase sales and reduce expenses for marketing and now they want to know more.  Seeing the landscape of what is working for marketing in real time and what your business should be focusing on is part of what a good marketing coach will offer.

There are so many great reasons to have your own Marketing Coach, but the biggest reason is that it will help you to maximize your potential and keep you motivated towards achieving the success you desire!

All my best to your success! ~ Charlene

“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”