Have you ever met an “Energy Vampire”? These people walk among us and may look like us, but after one meeting with an energy vampire you will see what they are great at…..stealing your energy and leaving you exhausted for the rest of the day. Often when you ask an Energy Vampire how their day is, they will reply in a monotone voice about every problem they have encountered in just the morning and by the time they start to tell you about their afternoon you want to jump out the nearest window. Now that might sound extreme, but the point I want to make to business owners is that you must be careful to avoid negative people and if you are in a negative mood, do NOT share with your staff or customers. Find a life coach or friend that you can be open with, but bring a positive attitude to your business daily and you will see that it is the greatest attribute your business can have!

I mentioned this tip to a group of local business owners who attended a Marketing Breakfast Seminar talk that I gave today for the Beverly Chamber. “Stay positive!” No matter what is happening behind the scenes at your business, always smile and stay positive. People worry about doing business with struggling companies because they may not be around if there is a problem with a product later. Lead by example. If you believe in your product….others will follow! And, when you meet business people in the community and at networking groups, if you find that someone is draining all your energy or their negative talk is creeping in to how you see your own business, limit your contact with them.

This also holds true to social networking on-line, be sure that you are representing your business in a positive light and that you are not using these places as a place to vent about your problems. It is ok to connect in a fun way with others, but be sure your comment is coming across as comical and not something that someone may misinterpret as serious. If you are not sure how your post will be received it is better to be cautious and write something else. The same goes with posting on Twitter or Facebook a link that is very controversial or negative, not a good idea. If you are using on-line social networking sites to help your business and you are someone who posts about politics, religion or any other topic that can divide people in to groups “for” and “against”, my best advice is to avoid these topics and look for more positive messages to share.

Remember, avoid “Energy Vampires” and surround yourself around “Positive People” and watch your business grow!

All my best to your success!

“Success wears the Purple Diamond!”