Every day I am asked by local companies how they can increase business and still cut costs on advertising. There is no magic formula to getting new customers, but there is something that will help your business and give you the lift you need during this interesting economy…..join and be ACTIVE in your local chamber of commerce! The first month my advertising agency, Purple Diamond, became a member of the Beverly Chamber, I signed 3 new clients. Within the first couple of months, I had 2 more members seek out my services from meeting me at a Coffee Connection event.

Is this typical for all companies? Well, as I coach my marketing clients, the chamber offers you the opportunity to connect with prospects, but it is up to you to jump in and take advantage of the services and make it work. People prefer to do business with people they know and if business isn’t walking through the front door of your company, then you need to actively go out and network in the community and remind them that you are still in business and looking to do business with them today.

October 22nd the Beverly Chamber has scheduled an event for me and other chamber members to speak at. The topic is: “How To Work With The Chamber To Grow Your Business.” To learn more about this event you can contact me directly or go to www.beverlychamber.com