Starting a new business or keeping an old business going in 2009 can often take much of your time and energy. How do you balance owning a business with making time for the people you live with and love?

This weekend my uncle passed away and as arrangements were being planned and cousins from out-of-town were calling to say they would be coming, I was faced with the small business owner dilemma of how to juggle my busy work week, a lecture seminar I was in charge of and speaking at, with saying good-bye to a loved one and being a support to his children and my mother. The balancing act of work and life has long been a struggle for families. Your job “funds” your life, but when the job becomes your life what was the purpose?

Researchers have found that your mental health and well being is enhanced when you spend time with family and friends. Playing with your kids, laughing with your friends or just relaxing with your spouse is actually a great way to be successful in your business life. These activities actually can relieve stress from your job. Learning to “walk away from your desk” and back in to your family life will help you to smile more and enjoy the time you are both at work and home. Balance is the key to everything we do. Too much of one activity will lead to “burn-out” and loss of other things in your life or people. If all you have is your job what happens if your business fails or you get sick and can no longer work?

So, as I am changing my work schedule to allow the time with family this week to say good-bye to an uncle I dearly loved, I recognize that my company is only a fraction of my life. Yes, it is important and I love my advertising agency, but I love many other things and people and that is why it is easy to smile during my work week and after hours. I recognize that “balance” between family and business is why my company is doing well and my family is happy. What have you created for your business and family life? It is never too late to find a balance and an inner peace.

All my best to YOUR success!
~ Charlene