25 Lessons Learned & Best Practices for Small Businesses

Charlene St Jean, owner of Purple Diamond LLC

Charlene St Jean, owner of Purple Diamond LLC

I was asked to speak to a college class tonight in regards to my own insights about owning a small business. The teacher asked me to share the lessons I have learned and best practices for small businesses and here is the list of 25!

  1. Have a clear yet flexible vision.
  2. Cash! Make sure you have money to go without a paycheck for at least a year & money to market your business!
  3. Have a Business Plan and set GOALS!
  4. Be ready to work long hours & wear lots of hats.
  5. Watch your money, overhead costs can escalate quickly.
  6. Streamline your process to save money and time.
  7. Start business with a paying customers on Day 1 and a list of viable prospects!
  8. Don’t get caught up on negativity from others. Find your team of supporters!!!
  9. Listen to constructive criticism from your mentors and supporters.
  10. Pin your vision on your wall and look at it every day. [Find what motivates you and keep it in front of you.]
  11. Help other people even if there’s nothing in it for you.
  12. It doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient!
  13. Learn who your ideal customers are and fire the bad ones.
  14. Follow your gut instincts.
  15. Hire your weaknesses.
  16. Find a mentor or coach.
  17. Network, network, network.
  18. Join professional organizations and a chamber of commerce in your area.
  19. Attend workshops.
  20. Speaking engagements lead to business. Be an expert in your field!
  21. Leverage Social Media to build your network and enhance your brand awareness.
  22. Get a professional logo and website. Take great care in establishing your brand identity.
  23. What you put in = what you receive.
  24. Take time to THANK your clients and those who help your business.
  25.  Be memorable EVERY day!

Consider a Marketing Coach if your business is struggling or you lack the motivation to take it to the next level! Success wears the Purple Diamond!


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