An advertising agency or media buyer knows your budget and has your best interest in mind. Agencies have a stronger negotiating position and can help clients get better results.


Do you have a niche market and need to narrowly target your consumer? With Purple Diamond YOUR media plan is customized to reach who you want within the geography that you need. Have a TV commercial seen during the most entertaining, ground breaking and innovative programs on television today. Local TV advertising is affordable and effective! And, your commercial can be added to your company website, shared on social media sites or emailed to potential clients.


Are you thinking about advertising on radio? Your first call should be to a seasoned media buyer who knows the business and can help to get you better results and save you money. What time of day should you focus your radio spots to air? Do you run a 15, 30 or 60 second radio commercial for the market you are trying to reach? Does paying extra for on-air talent to voice your commercial get better results? How many radio stations do you need to advertise on to get the reach and frequency you are looking for? All these questions and more….Purple Diamond can help!


Why Hire Purple Diamond as your Agency?

  • Committed to YOUR success!
  • Listens to YOU and gets to know YOUR business!
  • Knows how to market your business effectively in ANY economy!
  • Cares about YOUR business and working within YOUR budget!
  • Gets the results YOU need!


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