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A professional marketing consultant can offer a valued prospective to any business. Whether you are a start-up or an established business of over 50 years, hiring a marketing consultant who will get to know your business and help you to communicate your business message and brand identity is a key element to helping your business grow.  Creating customized action plans and keeping you motivated to reach your goals are only part of what Purple Diamond offers. We also help you to observe trends in your market and often point out things that you may have overlooked. We are your extra ears in the business community and will be the first to introduce you to important contacts, alliances and referrals whenever possible.

By getting to know you, as well as keeping our finger on the pulse of your target market, we will push you towards self-improvement, as well as improve your products and services to better serve your customers. It is easy to become overwhelmed in business and keep doing what you have always done, but as your marketing consultant Purple Diamond will keep you focused upon the future, highlight what has worked well in the past and point out new ways to gain market share over your competitors.  Your success is our success!

Who needs a marketing consultant?

Everyone could benefit from having an experienced marketing professional look at your plans and offer input on how to improve marketing strategy.  Even marketing experts will seek out mentors and coaches for their own business.

Do you have any of these questions or concerns?

  • How can I get more people to visit my website or connect with me on my social media pages?
  • Do you think my website needs any changes and what are the first things I should do to improve the conversion rate?
  • I’m feeling overwhelmed and confused with my business and knowing what are the right marketing methods to use.
  • I hate to write blog articles, can you help?
  • I’m told I need to to create a strong cohesive brand with a memorable message, but I don’t know where to begin
  • How do I get people to open my emails and buy more?
  • I struggle with knowing if my product/service is priced right for the market.
  • I never know what to say when I am asked to give my elevator speech at a business networking event.
  • I don’t have time for Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or any other social channels, but I worry that I am losing business, what should I do?
  • I really never defined a target or niche market because I’m too busy working in my business to work on it!
  • Can you help me set goals that will make me more money?
  • I have been in business for over 70 years, but I am losing clients to new competitors, what can I do?
  • People don’t seem to buy from me and I feel lost when I attend business networking events. What should I do to change things?
  • I really just need someone I can trust, who also believes in me, as a person to talk with about the day to day struggles and successes. A person to help me think about what the next step is to bring my business to the next level.

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.” – Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot


“I met marketing consultant Charlene St. Jean (Purple Diamond) at Capone’s when she attended a Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce business luncheon event. She had recently done a talk on Social Media Marketing for the chamber and I was impressed with her extensive knowledge and passion for helping to market local businesses. We hired her February 2017 to do an overall marketing analysis of our restaurant and to give us suggestions of where we could improve. We liked what she had to say and signed up for her monthly consulting services and expanded to having her manage our Social Media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in 2018. She gave us the consistency that we were missing and instantly improved our stats and profits. We have had her meet our staff and give them an overall Social Media Training Session and we continue to enjoy working with her every month. She is knowledgeable, hardworking, fairly priced, and always gives extra value. She truly cares about our restaurant and has helped us to successfully launch new products and to promote our 25th anniversary. We highly recommend her services.”- Christopher Pescione, Capone’s Restaurant and Lounge, Peabody, MA

“Charlene is truly the most enthusiastic Marketing Consultant I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is very driven and is always willing to help offer her professional advice.”Barbara Cole, Marketing Customer Relations and Human Resources, Cole Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc., Ipswich, MA.

“Charlene has been my Marketing Consultant since 2012 and she has been instrumental in helping me to grow my business. Her social media savvy, her deep marketing experience, her ability to help you create and accomplish goals along with her upbeat personality help to make Purple Diamond the ideal marketing partner for small business owners. I’m so grateful she was referred to me and I in turn have confidently referred Charlene to other business owners I know. See for yourself…..get Purple Diamond on your team and you’ll see the difference in your business.”Eileen Reed, owner, Simplify with Eileen, Lynnfield, MA.

“Charlene is exceptional at helping one of my businesses in the area of marketing, and especially at enlightening me in the area of social media marketing. I never had a need for this until becoming a partner in a business where it was essential in expanding our customer base and providing an experience to our existing clients that is not only necessary today, but expected of any such business. Charlene is very motivated and did an excellent job as our marketing consultant and our marketing coach, teaching me and assisting me through the process.  I would highly recommend Charlene to any business. Her contribution was invaluable to me.”Bob Gancarz, Independent Software Engineer and partner at Show Baseball & Softball Academy, Lawrence, MA.

Charlene St. Jean,
Marketing Consultant & Coach

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