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Facebook is more than JUST Games!

I have never played a game on Facebook, but I have gotten several clients this past year from effectively using this social networking site.  So, why are some people getting clients and others are saying it is a big waste of time?  “Attitude and aptitude!”  If a person doesn’t believe that on-line social networking is… Read more »


Did you know that the 2009 Nielsen ratings showed the largest age group of people using on-line networking for  Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter fall in the 35-49 year old age grouping with the second largest being 50-64 year olds?!  Two weeks ago when I shared that information with a room of business owners during my… Read more »


As January is hitting high gear for many business owners who are getting a jump start on closing sales for 2010, it is important to remind people that even busy people continue to network both in person and on-line.  This is one of the main reasons their business is so busy and successful, they understand… Read more »


This morning as I attended the annual Kick-Off Breakfast for the North Shore Business Forum I was engaged in a conversation about having realistic expectations for our marketing efforts.  We all want to have HUGE success. Who wouldn’t love to join a business networking group and walk away with a client on the first day… Read more »